Historians will argue that Ice Age had a lot to do with a lack of slithery reptiles such as snakes but either way, the plumbers way back then would use a snake in order to help solve simple and common plumbing issues. The following are some tips on how to use the snake to help repair common plumbing issues:

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What is a Snake in the Plumbing Industry?

Basically, a snake is sometimes called a drain auger. It is very long and bendable metal coil, and which can either come in a power version or be used manually.

1. When dealing with a clogged drain, the first thing you should get is the plunger. making a good vacuum and forcing air into the drain with the use of the plunger is sometimes all you need. But sometimes, a tough or big clog will not badge with just an intervention using a plunger.

2. This is now the time where the plumbing service provider uses the snake. The snake, which is about 1/4 inch in diameter, is created to extend down into your drain in order to reach the main clog and push it down forward. In addition to that, a professional and experienced plumbing service provider have special drain augers which are powerful and capable enough to deal with stubborn and big stuck clogs.

Aside from that, homeowners can also get their own hands on plastic models which have the ability to get rid of complicated hair clogs but are not powerful enough to crack piping if utilized too strongly. It is very essential when using a snake to have a container near you to gather the main clog. It is also highly suggested by professionals to wear protective gears such as goggles and gloves especially if you have already poured a drain cleaning agent down the pipe.

3. In order to use the plumbing snake, slowly bring the snake down and then use the crank in order to bring it much deeper. As the plumbing snake meets the main clog, the spin of the coil will aid to break up the main clog as well as entangle it in the snake so you can pull the clog out.

4. Detach the clog from the snake and flush the toilet or run the faucet to make sure that the drain is now totally clear.

If you have a difficult time to clear a simple clog, and the snake is already coiled up, it is time to contact a professional and experienced plumbing service provider to handle the task for you. And sometimes, an ordinary homeowner can inflict damage or break on the pipes by forcing the clog deeper into the pipe or simply underestimating it. This is why it’s also advised that you find a plumber. These professional plumbing contractors can perfectly clear simple to complicated clogs that an ordinary individual cannot do. If these occurs in your own house, and you have no time to deal with this kind of problem, your best and only option is to call these professionals.